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Which is better? Free or Self-Hosted WordPress?

Most of us were first introduced to WordPress because a friend said, “Just go to and you can have a FREE blog!“. We go, it’s free, quick to set-up, got to love it right? But you soon realize that there are some limitations. You find a cool template or plug-in only to discover that you cant use them on In asking “Why?” you learn that WordPress can also be “Self-hosted” which will allow you to use whatever you want.

The second most asked question is,

“Free or Self-Hosted?”

So there are definitely some differences between Free and self-hosing WordPress. There are pros and cons on both sides. One of my favorite WordPress resources is and they have created this great Infographic that shows the main differences between the two WordPress solutions…

wordpress comparasions

For even more comparison information checkout wpbiginner’s blog post. If you still have questions feel free to contact me or include your question below…

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